About Us

YURT CEMENT was established in 2008 within the borders of the Taşoluk Village of Muş province in order to meet the existing cement production needs in Eastern Anatolia with 50 years of experience of ADO Cement Group.

Yurt Cement Integrated Facilities; currently have an annual production capacity of 924,000 tons of clinker and 1,980,000 tons of cement.

As Yurt Cement, We supply cement demand of the construction industry in Eastern and South Eastern Anatolia Region. We are proud to contribute to the regional economy in terms of trade volume and employment.
Continuous quality approach and meeting customer demands at the highest level are ensured by our cement quality inspections and tests at every phase of our production at Yurt Cement Modern Quality Control Laboratory.

All products of Yurt Cement have EC Certificate of Conformity. Various types of cement production of Yurt Cement meet TSE standards as well.