Environment Policy

It aims to constantly improve its activities to eliminate negative impacts on the environment and prevent pollution. It will systematically monitor the environmental performance by means of TS EN ISO 14001 environmental management system integrated to other management systems.

     - We undertake to comply with all applicable regal requirements for environmental aspects,
     - Use all resources required for our production activities at optimum level,
     - Fulfill the responsibilities for systematically storing and disposing of all kinds of wastes arising from our activities,
     - Continuously carry on our training and inspection activities to raise awareness and sensitivity of all suppliers and visitors on our site for the environment,
     - Constantly track and evaluate impacts of our products on the environment,
     - Ensure that wastes, which have no negative impact on our product quality and no harm to the environment, are demolished and protect receiving environments,
     - Establish continuous cooperation with social organizations engaged in environment, actively participate in their activities and use our experiences and knowledge about environment for common good,
     - Evaluate environmental hazards and their results, take necessary measures in time and concentrate on preventive actions,
     - Be ready for taking measures against possible environmental accidents and prevent accidents, with regard to our company’s activities as well as the activities of neighboring organizations.